Changing Career 5 Signs that it’s the Right Time

Changing career has become more of a lifelong endeavor than a one-time event. Factors like indecisions, dissatisfaction, and motivation move people to change their careers.

Changing career is a risk. Deciding on a change is not easy as well. You may not know what lies beyond, but you can definitely feel the urge to change. On the verge of the biggest turning point of your life, you may suddenly stop and think for a while about when the right time for a career change is.

So how do you know when it is time to let go of your current career. Based on experts’ advice, here are the top five indicators if it is the right time for you to jump ship.

1. Low quality performance on the current job – There are only two reasons why you are not performing very well in your current career. It may be because you do not like the job or your skills do not meet the job qualifications. For this, you may want to ask yourself some of these questions. Would you want to do something to rectify the situation and stay in your job? Would you decide to change career and open a new door to new possibilities? Would you struggle to find a better job hiring in Gensan┬ábefore termination decides for you? Think about what you really want and take the risk of reaching for your ambition.

2. Getting involved with a variety of work issues – Do you keep on complaining about the tasks assigned to you by your boss. Do you find it pleasurable to mingle with people who back bite other co-workers? Do you decline whenever there is a call for overtime? If you have an affirmative answer it is the best that you change your career.

3. Unable to picture the future with the current job – There are a lot of reasons why employees cannot be satisfied with their job. Few of the common reasons include small pay, demanding bosses, far-flung location, and uncomfortable duty hours. You can also try to think if you can build your dream house, start a family, or buy properties with your current job. Try to think if you can fulfill your dreams with your current career. If you cannot imagine what yourself be like in the future in your current job, do not hesitate to make a move and fulfill what you want to become.

4. Not enough reinforcement to feel high spirited – During the first day of work, it is normal to feel anew and out-of-place. The workplace is a more serious threshold for dreams than studying. You cannot expect your boss or your co-employer to like you immediately. Appreciation and promotion can largely depend on your work. However, if you feel that you are less valued in the company after all your effort, you can either keep fighting for it or seek for another opportunity in which your skills can be valued.

5. Abrupt changes in the company – Change is inevitable and it can occur in the company before it can affect you as a person. Perhaps, your company is going through a drastic change in the mission and vision that you are no longer working in the position into which you were originally hired. If you are no longer comfortable with the change. Do not hesitate to talk with your boss and seek out for new and better opportunities.

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