What is GensanBestJobs.com?
In GensanBestJobs.com, Job Searching Just Got Easy! If you are looking for job hiring in General Santos City, then you have come to the right place. This is where employers and job seekers meet. Job vacancies are being added everyday.

Is your website secure?
Yes. We used the latest web technologies in developing or creating the site.

Where can I contact you?
You can send a private message in our Facebook page or you can email info @ gensanbestjobs.com or call us at +63 999 837 3344.



Is it free to submit my resume?
Free and always will be.

How can I submit my resume?
Go to the Submit Resume page. https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/submit-resume/

How to apply for a job?
Just click on the job listing you want to apply and click on ‘APPLY FOR JOB’ button. It will open the application form in which it has already have template/message for your convenience as well as your created resume if you already created one. You can check more details here https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/how-to-apply/

How can I manage/edit my resume?
Go to the Candidate Dashboard page and click on edit. https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/candidate-dashboard/

I already have an account, how can I sign in?
Go to the Candidate Dashboard page and sign in. https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/candidate-dashboard/


Is it free to post a job?
We will give you free post job access, so you can get the best employee you need.

How can I post a job?
Just go to the ‘Post A Job’ page. https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/post-a-job/

Can I post multiple jobs?
Yes. Your account can post multiple jobs you like.

Can I browse resumes?
Yes, visit the “Browse Resumes” page. https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/resumes/

When does my job posting expire?
It expires in 45 days after being posted live in the site if you do not put anything in the Closing Date.

Where do I receive the applications?
You will receive them directly in the email you used in posting the job. You can also see application in the Job Dashboard page. https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/job-dashboard/

How can I manage my job posting?
You can manage them in the Job Dashboard page. https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/job-dashboard/

I already have an account. How can I login?
You can login through the Job Dashboard page. https://www.gensanbestjobs.com/job-dashboard/

The job I posted is already filled. How can I put my job listing in ‘filled’ status?
Just go to the Job Dashboard page and select “Mark filled” for the certain job posting.

I want my posting to be pinned on top of your homepage.
We accept Featured listings for a fee. Contact us for more details.
Featured listings will be sticky during searches, and can be styled differently.