Questions to Ask in an Interview

The interview is a two-way process. The company interviewing you will want to find out whether you are suitable to the position and you will want to find out if the company and position are right for you.

As part of your interview preparation, consider what questions you will ask. ASK INSIGHTFUL AND MEANINGFUL QUESTIONS. Interviewers don’t like to repeat information. Asking questions is an excellent way to demonstrate your sophistication and qualifications. The questions you choose indicate your depth of knowledge of your field as well as your general level of intelligence. Asking questions also enables you to establish an easy flow of conversation and build rapport.

The more senior the position you are seeking, the more important it is to ask sophisticated and tough questions. Hiring managers will judge you as much on the astute questions you make as on the responses you provide. If you don’t ask sufficiently detailed and most importantly RELEVANT questions, it will demonstrate a lack of initiative and leadership qualities that a senior level position demands.

Questions you can ask in the Interview:

  • Can you describe a typical day for a person in this role?
  • Where will I fit into the overall organisational structure?
  • What are some of the challenges one is faced in this role?
  • What are the future aspirations for the company?
  • Will travelling be required in this position?
  • How did this position become available?
  • What do you think I can bring you to add value?
  • How is the current economic situation affecting the company
  • What is the greatest challenges the company faces over the next 1 /5/ 10 years
  • How do you see my fit with your organisation?
  • What is the growth potential?
  • In what way do you believe I could contribute to your organization?
  • Who will I report to?
  • What do you actually do on a day-to-day basis?
  • When key people leave the company, why do they leave?
  • What are the company’s long- and short-term goals?
  • What do you think gives this company an edge over its competitors?
  • What is the work environment like?
  • Why do you, the interviewer enjoy working for this company?
  • What are the best and worst parts of your day to day duties?
  • How would you describe the office culture?
  • How would you describe the company’s leadership style?
  • What are the most important skills for the job?
  • What are the opportunities for training and professional development?
  • How would you describe your ideal candidate?
  • What’s a common career path at the company for someone in this role?
  • How do you think this industry will change in the next five years?
  • What are the chances of advancement/promotion in this position?
  • What does it take to be successful in this role?
  • Would you enter this industry again, if you could do it all over again?
  • Who do you see as the visionaries/thought leaders in this industry?
  • What is the hierarchical of the company?
  • What has been your career progression here?
  • What’s the most enjoyable part of your job? What’s the most challenging part?
  • What are the reasons that the job came about – if it’s an existing job why did the person move on? If it’s a new job why has it been created?
  • What are the key challenges in the first few weeks and months of the role?
  • Can you tell me about your background and how and why you joined this organisation?
  • What are the qualities you do and don’t like to see in your team members?
  • Does the company have expansion plans?

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